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Welcome to the PaidResearchOnline website located at www.PaidResearchOnline.com (the "Website"). By using and/or accessing the Website and/or the PaidResearchOnline survey database service (the "Service"), you are agreeing to comply with, and be bound by, the following terms and conditions (the "Agreement"). Please review the following Agreement carefully. If you do not agree to this Agreement in its entirety, you are not authorized to use this Website and/or Service in any manner or form, whatsoever.

PaidResearchOnline.com is an online survey service. Individuals may register to be members of PaidResearchOnline, and if eligible, may participate in online surveys conducted on behalf of PaidResearchOnline.com clients. Members may receive cash payments upon verification of eligibility and validated completion of survey. By registering at the PaidResearchOnline.com website, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and PaidResearchOnline.com with respect to your registration, membership, and participation in survey. PaidResearchOnline.com reserves the right to change its policies and its incentive policies at its sole discretion and at any time.


You must be a resident of the United States to take part in our online survey. One entry per person, per household. PaidResearchOnline.com reserves the right to not pay individuals who attempt to defraud this system. If you are found to be fraudulently using the system or duplicating entries, you will NOT be paid. You are eligible to particpate in a PaidResearchOnline.com survey in one of the following ways:

E-mail invitation from PaidResearchOnline (Only 1 survey may be taken per e-mail invitation).

Log into your PaidResearchOnline account to see if survey are live. Your account is subject to suspension and will not be paid if survey are taken in any other manner. You will be assigned your password and unique ID for PaidResearchOnline. By registering with PaidResearchOnline, you agree thatPaidResearchOnline may send e-mail messages to you regarding your participation in market research survey and other information pertaining to your membership. From time to time, PaidResearchOnline may request that other members of your household, including your children, participate in survey under your ID number and password. In those cases, PaidResearchOnline will provide an express invitation to you for their participation explaining the subject of the survey.PaidResearchOnline reserves the right to close the survey at any time. Except as described above, you may not allow any other person to use your unique ID. No payments will be made for survey completed by anyone other than the member under whose ID the survey is submitted. Members who permit any other persons to complete survey under the member's ID may be disqualified from any further participation in PaidResearchOnline. Employees of PaidResearchOnline; their affiliates; advertising, promotion, and marketing agencies; public relations firms; consultants; and contractors; and their immediate families (defined as spouse, child, sibling, parent or grandparent), and any other persons living in their households are ineligible to participate as members of PaidResearchOnline.


To register for membership with PaidResearchOnline, you must provide your name and email address to Join PaidResearchOnline survey registration form and submit that form to PaidResearchOnline for validation and verification. Only one registration form per person per household may be submitted.

Member Privacy:

The privacy of our members and the confidentiality of the personal information they provide us are PaidResearchOnline number one priority. Please refer to our Privacy policy for a statement of our policy and procedures for ensuring your privacy.


PaidResearchOnline is not responsible for lost, interrupted or unavailable network server or other connections. PaidResearchOnline may invalidate a member's participation in particular survey if the survey is not completed within an allotted time frame or if any of the answers are deemed invalid during the PaidResearchOnline validation procedures. Payments will not be made for any survey in which a member's participation is invalidated.